Inova | Identity & Systems


Inova is a company that aims to implement artificial photosynthesis as an economical and sustainable form of energy. A identity was created for this upcoming technology with the help of team member, Brandon West.

The leaf portrays the mechanical process that occurs to create artificial photosynthesis. The color is a mixture of the green from a leaf found in nature and a circuit board, which portrays the duality of nature and machine found in artificial photosynthesis. Century Gothic was chosen for the typeface and then modified to create a consistent cap-height and visual balance.




Here are some of the modifications made to Century Gothic typeface. The “N” was stripped of the ascender in order to give the wordmark an even cleaner look. Removing the ascender brings a smoother look to the wordmark, which also indirectly references the sun with its perfectly rounded curves. The point on the letter “V” was rounded out, because the sharp point was not well-suited to the design aesthetic.

1. Removal of the tiddle.

2. Same size of width for all round letters.

3. The point on the V was rounded to better fit
    the aesthetic of the identity.