iDE | Illustration


iDE is an international non-profit organization that is dedicated to ending poverty in the developing world. iDE supports this mission by helping farm families world-wide retrieve the tools and knowledge they require to increase their income. Through their innovative technology, iDE has transformed the lives of over 19 million people worldwide. During the summer of 2014, I interned with iDE as a graphic designer for the Product Development Team.

As the graphic designer for the Product Development Team, my task was to illustrate irrigation, product, and water management concepts through illustrations, models, diagrams, and sketches. The Sunflower Future Pump is one of the technologies available to rural farmers. Using the steps and some of the images from a preexisting manual, I redesigned the manual using clearer illustrations and typography.





This PVC Powered Irrigation Solution Pump is a solar-powered technology available to rural farmers. I made a vector illustration of the pump with a photograph provided by iDE. The illustration was an exact replica of the photograph, and because it is now a vector image, it can be used at any size and for whatever marketing need iDE may have.





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