dify | Public Interest | Branding

Design Innovation for Youth aims to create and implement
opportunities for social evolution within a community, through research-driven, design-based solutions. The wordmark was made using Gotham Rounded because of the typeface’s soft and friendly feel. The “i” in the wordmark is flipped upside down to “defy” the rest of the letters. dify aids youth who are constantly defying the hardships and poverty of their surroundings by maintaining a buoyant attitude throughout and in spite of their struggles. The colors used in the identity are meant to convey the energy and positivity of the children.

A kit titled “Repurposing the Landfills” was designed to enhance the productivity and safety of child garbage-pickers who live in the landfills of the poorest countries in the world.


The mountains of trash are not the only thing that is continually increasing at the city dumps around the developing world. Every day, more people call landfills home, among them are young children who face constant hazards picking through these massive garbage heaps.

The purpose of the kit is to help the youth who live in landfills to maximize their recycling intake by increasing their daily productivity and providing them the resources to make reappropriated crafts to sell online and thus create more opportunities in their lives.

External Case

The external case is designed to be simple to use and easily accessible. It can be carried as a sort of fanny-pack or satchel, and is made out of tactile polyester, so it will retain durability against harsh conditions for an extensive length of time. dify-components-05

Uniform Vest

The uniform vest serves two purposes. First, with youth pickers, there is great danger of being buried in the garbage heaps. The uniform vest will make them easily visible from long distances and distinguishable amongst the various colors that could be found in the landfills. The vest’s second purpose is to establish an identity as a dify member and endow them with a sense of pride in what they do.


Water-Proof Gloves

The waterproof gloves serve as protection against penetration from the dangerous materials and harmful substances the youth-pickers often encounter. One of the biggest problems for youth recyclers who live in landfills is skin disease. By protecting their hands, the risk for such diseases is minimized.


Name Tag and Whistle

The name tag serves to further legitimize the presence and profession of these youth. Besides serving  as identification, the name tag declares the youth to be partners of dify.The whistle is meant for situations in which the youth-pickers might be in trouble but cannot be seen or clearly heard


Inspirational Poster

The concept behind this poster is to give youth pickers something tangible that they can put up in their home to serve as inspiration and send them a message of hope. The image shows that by using your surroundings you can rise up and touch the sky.