Thesis Exhibition Samples & Themes




Gravitation – the show’s relation to the areas of design and the interests we gravitate towards

Reminiscent of space exploration and pushing the boundaries of possibility.

Induction – the process of reasoning, analysis, argument

A focus on our methodology and the process of our investigation and inquiry.

Convergence – coming together, a representation of common ground between theories or phenomena, triangulation.

Use of geometric design elements to tie our projects together in the space.
Focus on the ways our ideas converge with each other and within the historical context of our thesis.


Work & Class (call and reply) – Greek plays and early logic

Semiotics cross-media design in post-modern (using call and reply)

Visual theme: revealing what is behind (last semester’s yves klein and exposed content)

Cross-media elements


Deconstruction- Emphasizes the internal workings of graphic design and our conceptual systems.

Reprogram/Recondition- Reprogramming old ways of doing things and finding new solutions


Example 1 




Example 2

Example 3

UI Example


2 thoughts on “Thesis Exhibition Samples & Themes

  1. Somewhat common themes – (different combinations for everyone’s projects)
    Youth (urban, underprivileged, general youth wanting to learn…)
    Interactivity – activity, involvement of people, usage in a particular field
    Biology (biomedical, marine bio)
    Barriers – sense of self, understanding, visualization

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