How can Design breakdown negative identity misconceptions associated with underprivileged youth?

1. This project will look at the relationship between how underprivileged youth identify themselves and how they are perceived in society. Then, notice any opportunity to create a positive impact within that realm through design. Racial tension and stereotypes have been very present in the media lately and it is evident there is a lot of discrimination going on. People of low incomes are judged on the way they speak and present themselves and are often criticized because of those things, in turn, these tensions might have an effect on the youth where they doubt their self worth and start acting in the way they are perceived.

2. There are many social problems in this world that effect the performance of the people living in underprivileged communities.

My concern is the availability of the youth and to what extent I can research and spend time with them. Another concern is I don’t want to my project to feel overdone and not innovative. Am I being predictable?


Images from Pintrest



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