Thesis Sample: We All Matter

We all Matter, is a participatory assessment project that aims to engage and empower the LGBTQ youth community of NYC who experience homelessness and other hardships. This participatory assessment tool is designed to gain better understanding of the LGBT community through “empathetic techniques.” The information is collected through an assessment that use emotive icons and simple questions to help the participants identify with their feelings. Once responses are collected, the data is compiled and used as an informative empowerment tool that can be given to working partners.  After participating in sharing their feelings the youth received a take-away item that gives them the opportunity to express how they feel about themselves in a personal and collective way.

This project mostly uses print collateral and a simple aesthetic and color palette. From observing the designer’s website, it appears that there are several components to this project including an overall design question which is:

How may design work as a social respondent by advocating for individuals and groups who experience unjust social relationships within their everyday social spaces?

Then it goes into the project We all Matter which asks a more direct question which is:

“How can design play a role in creating effective tools of engagement in order to better understand and assess the needs of the LGBTQ youth and their relation to the organizational services they both seek and need the most?” 

This project will serve as inspiration when I am creating my project. It provides me with a fresh way of seeing my design problem that is similar to Jacob Hernandez’s. Unlike One Weave One Dream, this project offers a more innovative and feasible way of helping a desired population.

Case Study

Design as Justice 



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