Thesis Sample: One Weave One Dream

One Weave One Dream 

One Weave One Dream is a project that aims to enhance the livelihood of the T’boli women of Lake Sebu in South Cotabato, Mindanao. The T’boli, often called “dream weavers,” make a traditional cloth known as the t’nalak that is inspired from dreams and serves as the inspiration for the aesthetic of the fabric. This project takes the theme of “Dreams” and connects it to the women’s traditional craft and to their dream of improving their lives. One Weave One Dream aims to provide a source of income and keep the tradition of their t’nalak alive through a couple of outlets that Erin Canoy, the designer created. This project entails a retail website to help sell the t’nalak, educates the audience on the ways of the T’boli women, and endorses the production of raw materials. One Weave One Dream also educates the T’boli women basic marketing and fair trade principals.

The designer created a website that shares the story of the T’boli women. It is meant to bring publicity to them and thus leading to sales of their cloths. The designer also branded all of her collateral which included a book, packaging, and handouts with an elegant aesthetic that portrays the antiquity of the woven craft and the lucidity of dreams. Characters that are found in the t’nalak cloth are also found through out the pages of the book and collateral. The book is very comprehensive and is 134 pages long, it breaks up her process into 6 parts and discusses them in detail. Something notable about the organization and presentation of her project is that she uses the IDEO Human Centered Design ToolKit. This example will come in handy when looking for inspiration for my own project.

In this thesis the designer finds a research question which would be something along the lines of “How can Design help the T’boli women find ways of improving their livelihood?” and implements her answer which is One Weave One Dream. Through design she created a non-profit organization that will allow the T’boli women to support themselves through their craft and by bringing visibility to their talent and struggle. In my own body of work this kind of similar to dify. Which is my attempt at creating a non-profit organization that will help youth living in developing nations.

One Weave One Dream


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