Code has been killing me lately. I know how important it is to know this stuff but recently we haven’t seen eye to eye. When trying to customize this site I have been over run by frustration! I’ve been watching and hearing a sweet-voiced young man for about an hour give insightful tutorials on how to customize my site, only to find that I should be using a not a I do believe I missed the memo. It’s not so much the actual CSS I’m having a hard time with, it’s more the whole WordPress function.

Last week I was submerged in code too, except it was Processing. That was interesting. It was a group project and we built an actual video game, it was super cool. We weren’t able to upload it to the web because of the way it was set up, but maybe soon I will be able to share it with you. It was my first intro to processing.

Here is something I was playing around with recently. I got the code from one of the opensource sites, then I started tweaking and changing the code to achieve different results.

Original Code
Version 1
Version 2
Version 3


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