Guillermo Gomez-Peña


This is one of my favorite artist. His name is Guillermo Gomez-Peña. During his youth in Mexico, he witnessed various social uprisings like the student riots in 1965. Guillermo was an art student in Mexico city, and like us, was taught the theories of Lacan, Barthes, Focoult, and other big timers. This influenced him in various ways. Guillermo received a scholarship to California Institute of Art and moved to the United States. When he first arrived, he noticed the displacement that was prevalent with Mexicans in the United States.

Guillermo is a performance artist, his interest lies in working with the unengaged audience. For example, in one of his first performances he read poetry out loud in a gas station bathroom that told the vivid story of when he crossed the U.S border. His audience was made up of people who entered the bathroom to do their thing. One of his other performances entitled The Loneliness of the Immigrant was him wrapped in a blanket in a public elevator, this was a metaphor for a painful birth in a new country.

Guillermo has a wide array of work and well known performances. It was nice when I came across his work, probably the first Mexican artist who was mentioned since Frida Kahlo and the Mexican Muralist. Sad? I agree. I admire Guillermo Gomez-Peña’s attempt to break down cultural borders of gender, language, and ethnicities through his work. His performances are epic, I encourage you too google one of his videos, bueno, si te interesa.






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