Love for Newspaper Design

624563197da11cd4779fb2c6953d0bd6My interest in newspaper design started when I became the Art Director for Campus Connection, Community College of Denver’s student run newspaper. I know it’s kind of weird that my interest in newspaper design started once I was in the position of art director, but it’s just the way things played out. I was a young design student at CCD, only about 2 years in, and my professor asked me  if I wanted to art direct Campus Connection. Honestly, I didn’t even know what an art director was but I told him “of course.” During that summer, I learned Indesign for the first time and worked along side the editor and a team of copy editors to get the paper going.

I remember at first I was confused about what exactly I could do with newspaper design. I saw there was a grid, and an obvious format to follow but I didn’t know what I could do, what was acceptable. I talked to my professor who offered me the job, his main advice was to look at as many examples of good newspaper design that I could. Over the course of my position as art director, I looked at so many examples that I was able grow tremendously. For each issue I had new ideas, my skills had improved and I was continually inspired to design. My most valuable resource was the The Best of Newspaper Design books, a collection of the best newspaper design from around the world.

These examples that follow are ok, not as cool as the ones in the “Best of Newspaper Design” books

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