I am a Man


Because of my earlier research on the civil rights era posters, when I came across an article from Frantz Fanon and learned of his influence to the movement, I was pretty exited. Frantz Omar Fanon was a Martinique born philosopher, revolutionary and writer who talked about the connotations that surround having black skin. In his book “Black Skins White Masks” Fanon says that ‘blackness’ is not a self-created identity, but instead a negative connotation that is given to people that has been “woven out of a thousand details, anecdotes, and stories.” The part of his book I read was The Fact of Blackness, it was written beautifully and with so much heart that it truly touched me.

“All I wanted was to be a man among other men. I wanted to come lithe and young into a world that was ours and to help build it together”

I associate this quote to the I am a Man poster. The simplicity of the phrase and the text along with the look in their eyes, all work together to prove their point. I love where design stands in this scenario.



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